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Most of the Independence Trail is marked by a green line painted on the sidewalks of Providence. There are more than three dozen stops on the Trail. Each has a marker where you can listen to stories on your mobile phone. To access the stories you just call the number on the emblem. Each marker is numbered. Enter the number on your phone and start listening.

24 7 365 Zero – The Free Phone Tour is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year for Zero – Its FREE. so listen to a heaping helping of history, have as much as you want. Listen to all of it. No charge. Come back for a second helping – that’s free, too! The Tour is Free but we aren’t crazy so if you want to make a donation to help keep the tour free we won’t turn it down.

Free the Tour! Free the Tour!!!

Using the Trail is easy – it is marked by a green line that is painted on the sidewalks of Providence. Along the trail are 36 featured emblems. Each emblem has the phone number and location number marked.

The Trail is circular so there is no “beginning” and no “end” – just start and head in either direction – in 2.5 miles you will be back where you started. During that time you will have traveled through over 4 centuries of American history, architecture, culture and folklore.