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Banjnotti – Burnside Park –

Banjnotti Fountain – She struggles to be free and this fountain has rained down millions of tears since Paul Banjnotti comissioned it in memory of his wife who died too young – the daughter of Nicholas Brown of Brown University fame.

Burnside Park – The bow of the ship emerging from the ground is the Hannah. Colonist Captain Benjamin Lindsey tricked the Commander of a British ship the Gaspee into running agound on a June afternoon. Later Providence colonists rowed nearly 7 miles down Narragansett bay and attacked his Royal Majesty’s ship, The Gaspee. Thus taking the first shot in the fight for American Independence – Huzzah! Huzzah!

Winston Churchill said England and America were two countries dvided by a common language. Colonial English is very difficult to deciper but here is a quick lesson. Fie means no – Huzzah means yes. When you disapprove of something call out “Fie, Fie” as in Fe Fi Fo Fum I smell the blood of an Englishman! When you like something shout out Huzzah! Huzzah!!

Burnside’s Sideburns – The fact that he is remembered for
inventing sideburns tells you all you want to know about
Civil War General Ambrose Burnside upon his horse.
Not a great General but he sure looked good.