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Biltmore Hotel & Station Park & Avis

Avis for decades the little red and white pie shaped building has been home to those who try harder.

Station Park (because it is where the train station use-to-be.) Across Dorrance Street there is a man with a gun in the park – fortunately he is a statue erected to encourage volunteers to enlist.

The Biltmore Hotel, as seen from the ________.

Biltmore Hotel She is the best looking 90 year old in the city – the Grand Dame of Providence hotels. The giant 3 story tall letters on the roof are a familiar beacon to all. Be sure to step inside to see the gilded lobby. The best views in the city are from its elegant rooftop ballroom. Generations of Rhode Islanders have celebrated in its Grand Ballroom it was almost torn down in the 1970’s but now under new ownership the Grand Dame is getting the love she so deserves.

Foods you have to have:

Quahog – a hard shell clam – aka Littleneck, Cherrystone best way to eat one – raw on the half shell also in chowder, stuffed clams, clam cakes and on pasta with clam sauce.

New York System Hot Weiner – First you will never see these in New York. They are 17 feet long and are cut into 5 inch weiners. They come on steamed buns with chopped onion, a dark ground meat sauce , mustard and a shake of celery salt. cooks line them up their forearm to apply the condiments rapid fire. They are wrapped in wax paper and your car will smell for several days after eaing them on your drive home.

Coffee Milk – Hershey has chocolate syrup we have Autocrat Coffee Syrup – take a bottle home and stir a few