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Gaebe Commons — PPAC

There are so many Dunkin Donuts in Rhode Island the joke
is that people say at the first Dunkin donuts turn left, go straight at the second Dunkin Donuts and turn right at the third. Ha ha. Funny except that less than two blocks from here is another Dunkin Donuts. Regular means with cream and sugar it is not a size and Extra Extra is double sugar double cream – yum. The black building across the street is the Johnson and Wales university library. It once was a television station. Further up the street on the campus green is a fantastic looking clock tower. It turns out that the clock tower used-to be on the roof of the television station and was there for antennas and dishes. If the university is 100 years old. The campus is where the Outlet used to be – a gigantic department store with the talking Christmas tree that fascinated Rhode Islanders until the building burned down in
a spectacular fire. The narrowest buildings in propensities directly across the street the testy block measures only 10 feet wide. The complex of buildings on the block are currently being renovated to become apartments and restaurants.