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Headquarters & Graveyard

The way Roger escaped from freedom’s Neanderthals
back in Boston was by coming on Indian lands beyond
the reach of the Massachusetts authorities. He was
welcomed by the Sachem Conanicus of the Narragansett
Tribe which is still an important part of Rhode to this day.
To be fair Massachusetts did finally rescind the conviction –
after 300 years the legislature voted to drop the charges and
reverse the conviction – land of the free, home of the brave.
Roger did not believe in claiming land so he bought
it and the tribe granted him this fine piece of
real estate with shoreline and a nice spring with
good water. He farmed and fished and prospered.
Roger was so robust that at the age of 75 he
rowed a boat to Newport to debate the Quakers
and then rowed back more than 50 miles in all.
Across the street up the hill to the left behind the
church is a historic burial ground that is weel worth
touring – please do not touch the delicate headstones.