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Kennedy Plaza – City Hall – Haven Bros Diner

JFK – You are just a few feet from the spot on the City Hall steps where John F. Kennedy gave his final campaign speech on his way home to Cape Cod. He quoted Abraham Lincoln who spoke here 100 years earlier. Of course no one knew at the time he would be assassinated and never campaign for President again.

City Hall – If the walls of City Hall could talk what tales they
would tell. Political machines, scandal, intrigue set in a magnificent soaring interior of elegant gilded balconies tells the story of America as waves of immigrants grabbed the levers of power.

Buddy – No tour of Providence could be complete without mention of former Mayor Vincent A. Cianci, Jr. known to all by the single name He served over two decades as Mayor and then 64 months in a federal penitentiary. Now he is a popular talk radio host and eligible to run for office again in 2014. Books have been written about his exploits – we do not have space enough here – but ask any one you meet in Providence they will tell you a Buddy story.

Havens Brother Diner – America’s original food truck since
1885- once a horse drawn cart now a tractor trailer the “Aluminum Room” arrives at sunset and departs at sunrise feeding the denizens of downtown. Try the hot dog “all the way”, washed down with coffee milk and sweet dreams.