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Lincoln Memorial

President Lincoln – His political fortunes took a
turn for the better the night he gave the famed Cooper
Union Address in New York. The next night Mr.
Lincoln spoke right here where “the train station used-to-
Historians credit this tour with galvanizing support
needed to win the Republican nomination and go on
to the Presidency. Notice that he is clean shaven on
his bronze memorial on our courthouse. Lincoln was
on his way to visit his son Robert who was at school.

Federal Court – In Rhode Island “I’ve been away”
means you served a sentence in state prison. “I’ve been
out of state” means you did federal time because
although we have a federal courthouse we do not have
a federal penitentiary. Major oversight.
Over the years everyone from mafia dons to public
officials have met their fate in these courtrooms.
Some believe that if Mayor Buddy Cianci had been
exonerated in this building he would have come out
on the steps to say three words that would have keep
him serving as Mayor – “Write me in.”