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Pot au Feu

The historic Wilcox building houses the Pot au Feu restaurant
which in the interest of full disclosure is owned by the founder of the Independence Trail. It was a favorite of Julia Child and is worth a visit.

Looking up to the top of the Industrial Trust which it is the old classic looking skyscraper. For a long time people was the building used in the Superman television show. Remember that Superman could leap tall buildings in a single bound. Just below the large light to the right you can see a railing. Next to that he is a gray box like room with windows. That is believed to be a blimp station. It was planned that zeppelin’s
would carry people from city to city and dock at skyscrapers. That never came to pass the because the Hindenburg zeppelin exploded in flames ending the era of zeppelin travel. The blimp station was designed for passengers waiting for the next blimp to arrive. Could be a long wait. Next to the blimp station you can see a tiny falcons nest. The falcons had dozens of hungry young fledglings over the years. That explains why you see so few pigeons in Providence. Listen for their distinctive call. You may even see one make a spectacular dive and capture another bird in midair. The most likely place to spot one is on the corner of a roof where they like to perch and search the sky for prey.