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How To Use the Self-Guided Tour System

Along the Trail you will find emblems on the sidewalk that look like this:

The emblems are all located near a point of interest. Every emblem has two numbers printed on it.  The first is our phone number – it is the same at every stop.  The second number is the Location number which is unique to that spot.

When you reach an emblem just take out your cell phone and dial the number that appears on every emblem – 401-441-6401. You do not need a smart phone. Any cell phone can connect you.

The phone will ring and when it answers you will hear a Welcome Message that explains how to use the Trail.  After hearing it the first time you can skip the Welcome by pressing the “star key” on your phone (*).

You will then hear a short pause followed by a prompt to “Enter your location number”.  On the emblem you will see the location number in the lower half of the emblem.  Just enter the numerals and after a short pause a narrative will start telling you about the interesting things you can see from the spot you where you are.

When the story finishes hangup and follow the green line to the next emblem and start over by calling the phone number again.  At each location you will dial the same number, hear the same welcome, can skip the welcome by pressing the “star” key, enter the number of the location and hear a new and unique story about the points of interest you can see from that location.

To help orient you there are four colored arrows that surround the location number.  Sometimes the location of a point of interest is obvious but when it is not the narrator will tell you to look in the direction that the arrow is pointing to help you quickly pick out the point of interest.

The tour is free – the Independence Trail does not charge a fee to hear the stories.  The only cost to a user is whatever you regularly pay to your cell phone carrier to use your phone to make the phone calls.  Nothing extra is added to your cell phone bill.  Depending on your cell phone plan you may incur long distance or other airtime fees but the Independence Trail does not charge anything to listen to its digital messages