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Turk’s Head

Financial Plaza – Five stories below the beautiful
Howard Ben Tre fountain is one of the most secure
vaults in the world – at one time not long ago Providence
was know as the “Jewelry Capital of the world”. Tons
of gold, silver and platinum were needed. Individual
jewelry factories lacked the needed security so it was
stored here. Supposedly armored cars brimming with
bullion were lowered in a secure elevator. It descended
nearly five stories to a central vault that was very secret.
So secret that if you ask about it even today security will
deny its existence. They also deny there ever was a heist like Oceans 11- We would love to tell you more but if
we did then we would have to kill you.

Turks Head – Staring down on you is a very fierce
face. The stony stare from the third story of the Turks
Head has frightened many a visitor. The first trading
post on this side of the river was marked by the carved
head of a Turk taken from a ship. In 1913 this was the
tallest building in the city .

Hurricane Warning – the bronze markers across
the plaza where “Amica Insurance used-to-be” show the
water levels the hurricanse of 1938 and 1954 reached.
Would you have survived?